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Light reflects off the flat surface of this custom bathroom floor tile installation of white hexagon porcelain tile.

White, White, White.  That’s what you see.  This bathroom feels open, light, and roomy with all the white that you see.

Over time, however, white grout in high traffic floors will fade to duller colors (grays and tans where feet tread most).  This is one circumstance where we highly recommend epoxy grout.  Epoxy grout is highly stain resistant and is thus extremely low maintenance.  It is essentially plasticized grout.

While epoxy grout costs a lot more up front in labor and materials, you never have to seal it or worry about staining it.  We recommend it mostly for light-colored grout in high-traffic floors to maintain that newly installed fresh feeling.

Diagonal Insets framed by custom manufactured border tile adds interest to a humdrum hallway.

This custom floor tile installation is a great example of how the same tile can be used to maintain color continuity while adding elegant appeal.

Travertine tile is a popular favorite for tile floors and wainscoting for our tile installation customers.  It adds instant classic elegance with neutral colors that can be used successfully with most color pallets.

For a better glimpse of this custom tile installation project, you can visit us on youtube.  Just follow the link below.  
You'll also be able to find a few other of our tile company projects by searching for "DMJ Services" on youtube as well.
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This master bathroom is made of custom manufactured slate tiles.  From the same lot of tiles, we created 2x2’s 3x6’s and the like.  Using the same tile in different shapes, sizes, and layout patterns allows the customer to maintain color continuity and yet add interest and appeal to the eye.

This particular bathroom was made with a spa affect in mind.  The natural stone in calming natural stone colors mixed with the smooth white of the tub and accessories to give a simple yet natural wonder.  The cozy custom in-floor heat that we installed lent itself to the natural rough surface of the slate tile to give the customer the look of the outdoors with the comfort of being indoors.  A chandelier above the tub, a rain shower in the door-less master shower (as well as several other shower head options) just added to the luxury of it all.

The step leading into the tub as well as both sides of the shower curb were custom manufactured on-site to have a nice rounded edge instead of the jagged “natural stone” edge.  All the slate tiles in a particular series were lined up and clamped together as they were bull-nosed and polished so that the curve would be uniform- difficult but not impossible to do with tiles of varying thickness.
Oh, and did I mention the floor to ceiling slate fireplace?  Note the grout joints for this entire project.  With slate being such a rough surface, it is common to space the tiles out a bit further; however, in order to make the natural stone more of the focal point, our craftsman managed to keep the grout joints fairly narrow.  With such a textured and layered surface, it can be difficult to line everything up so that it is both flat and straight.  Can you tell that even the full tiles vary in size?  That is the kind of master craftsman tile setter we have on our team.  He pays attention to details like that so that the customer won’t have to.


A custom tile shelf and custom tile inset soap caddy add dimension and utility to this large custom bathroom shower remodel.  Notice what a great job our tile installer did on cutting those holes for the shower heads and faucets. He wants to be certain that any cover that’s placed over them will completely cover.  It also helps lessen the chance of water leaking behind the tile into the walls.
 A pencil-trim borders the 1x1 mosaic tiles eye-line.  These same 1x1 tiles are used in the shower pan itself to complete its look.  The red dots you see were added for originality by the owner.  She went through and individually marked which pieces she would like removed and replaced with red glass tile.

On the curb we centered bullnosed (rounded) tile pieces.  These pieces can generally either be bought or custom manufactured on site.  Bullnose edges add to the finished look of the project.  As you can see, the wall borders also have that bullnosed tile edge.

This custom travertine tile wainscoting installation is composed of rectangle tile, a mosaic eye-line and a chair-rail to cap it off.  The timeless elegance of this travertine is a popular favorite with numerous customers.  Adding that eye-line draws attention to the many and varied colors in the travertine and adds interest to an otherwise basic design. 

We see a lot of these colorings in bathroom designs.  They are an easy way to not lock yourself into a certain color pallet.  Because they are so neutral, you can have bright colors like lime green or red or deeper colors like dark blue or purple or calmer colors like brown or gray… all depending on the mood you want to set in your bathroom. 

Take time to notice the flow of the eye-line and chair-rail… notice how smoothly the tile installer stitched them together on the multi-angled wall.  It takes time and care to achieve that kind of finished look.


I must say, we don’t often put in this many tile shelves or tile soap caddies in one bathroom tub surround- but how convenient for the owner to not have to stack tubes, bottles, toys, etc… on the tub deck itself!  What a great way to keep it clean and simple.  I love it when our customers come up with new and different designs that we haven’t seen before.  We love custom tile installation because the customer gets that joy of having a vision for their space and getting to see it come to fruition.

   Some customers don’t quite know what they want, but they have a generic idea that they want help building on.  That is also just fine with us.  We have no problem giving insight and troubleshooting when our customers call for it.  If customers want to lean on our expertise, one of us would be happy to offer ideas.   Because we’ve seen a lot of tile projects, we can draw from those experiences to help cast a vision for their project that will hopefully suit them.  We have a company we buy tile through and who we send our customers to that can give really close to wholesale pricing, so we usually can save our customers a bit on material too.


This granite tile kitchen countertop was definitely a custom tile installation job.  Our customers lined out the granite tile on the top of the counter so that they could get the best natural flow possible with the granite colors and swirls.  All the front edges had to be cut and laminated, then bullnosed and polished in sequential order so that it would be one smooth rounded line from end to end.
The backsplash pieces were then cut to a specified height and polished, lined up against the wall and rearranged to make the most natural flow of swirls and colors once again.  Once that was completed, our recommendation of a granite window frame seemed even more appealing to our customers.  As you can see, it really accents the window, counter, and sink area... and becomes a real eye-catcher.  Our customers seem to be quite pleased with the effect, and, I must say, we are too.

This travertine tile fireplace hearth was installed after the hardwood had been installed. We did not install this hardwood floor, but we do provide that service as well. DMJ Services wants to protect pre-existing surfaces, and we do what we can to insure they are left in the same condition: floor runners, blue tape, papered floors, cardboard, tarps… whatever it takes to keep it clean. Construction is a dirty job, but we do clean up after ourselves.

Brick pattern mosaic tile on top of a granite slab. We occasionally do small granite slabs for powder rooms, but not big ones required for kitchens. As a husband and wife tile team, that’s pushing a little too far.

For this backsplash, we thought 5-row high would look better than 3-row. It comes up just under the electrical sockets and gives a bolder/more finished look. The rope-like pencil trim was chosen as edging to finish it off this custom tile installation nicely.

As you may notice, the brick pattern mosaic tile from the kitchen backsplash was used on their kitchen floor as well as a border for the kitchen floor tile to tie the two together aesthetically. For those of you with time and money on your hands, it can be fun to sit down and plan something intricate like this… something that makes your home uniquely yours and lasts a lifetime. I love what this lady did with her brick fireplace as well- painting each of the bricks with these different brown tones and really bringing cohesiveness to her home in these areas. Quite charming really.
Marble tile installation can be tricky because of all the natural fissures which make it easy to crack before actual tile installation; it has to be handled with kid gloves and that is why it generally costs more to purchase and install.  It’s those fissure lines  that make it so beautiful .  Our custom tile customers will appreciate the detailed work of DMJ Services.  Flat and smooth, and check out the eye-line/ border trim.  That has to be planned out with care so that the customer doesn’t end up with awkward cuts in eye-catching areas.   The chair-rail that was added sets it off nicely as well.  A truly elegant room design.


This polished marble bathroom tile installation is over the top for some of our customers as it nearly reaches the ceiling.  Framing in the window like that was DMJ Services idea as a way to really just make it pop.  Check out the border trim near the top.  It is mosaic tile that we have used as eyeline’s in other tile projects.  Here it goes both horizontally and vertically as it follows the top of the wall to the tub area where it dives down to the lower tile wainscoting .  The idea there was to have a place for some kind of art piece or picture.  I really like that our tile customers finished the look off with chair-rail.  Considering the expense put in to making this room, the chair-rail was a drop in the bucket  and really gave the tile installation job a nice bold finish.

To view the full bathroom follow the link below.
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This ceramic tile design with a custom eyeline is an easy way to change the look of the tile work from something plain and straightforward to something with design and intent. Using diagonal tile up top and square-set tile beneath is actually quite a common design theme with many of our tile customers. The eyelines range a lot more in size and style. Some customers like them thin and simple (a basic divider between designs), while some free spirited customers like them thick or elaborate (real eye-catchers). We’ve actually done a few showers/ tub surrounds with two eyelines apiece. It really depends on your preference how we install them.

Yes, we can even do a tile staircase for you, if that is your pleasure. Here is a travertine tile staircase that we did for one of our customers. Each edge was bullnosed and polished so there wouldn't be any sharp points to connect your foot with. As you can see, for this tile customer we installed it with a bold protruding lip. This is just one way the tile staircase could be designed. Oftentimes, you may find pre-fabricated bullnose edge pieces for your tile staircase preferences. Yet another way to do it is to have the edge just match up to it and sand the edge so that its not rounded but not as sharp either. Another way still is to have the tile "on point" or set at a diagonal. There are just so many ways you can have a hand in designing even your staircase with tile. Dream big.

A tile backsplash is a great way to dress up your kitchen.  Putting an eye-catching tile design behind the stove is something we often do for our customers.  It is the perfect spot for an original work of tile art.
This customer had such a beautifully elegant kitchen she wanted a simple design for the backsplash without being too plain.  The tile in the center is on point and surrounded by two lines of dark red glass tile.

"This custom ceramic tile shelf is surrounded by marble tile chairrail like a framed picture.  It is set in a custom tile wainscoting of ceramic tile with a mosaic tile mixture of glass and stone border tile up above the custom tile shelf.  The diamond pattern tile design was a custom tile design for an added bit of tile artistic expression.  Take advantage of our custom tile installers' creative ability to give you that unique and custom look for your new tile installation project."
Bullnosed and polished granite tile for a kitchen countertop together with a ceramic tile design for a kitchen backsplash installation. We found the pattern at Contractor Furnishings Mart. We wanted the tile to come to the bottom of the upper cabinets, so we custom cut the granite tile to lift the backsplash tile to the necessary height.

This custom tile installation project is made up of mosaic onyx tile.  One of the fun bits about working with onyx and other natural stone tile material is noticing the richness and depth and variety of colors throughout the tile installation process that the tile customer will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Using a light colored grout allowed the individual mosaic tiles to be emphasized in this tile installation for this kitchen remodel.
Installing tile to the base of the cabinets eliminates the need for a schluter strip or the extra cost of polishing the exposed stone edges.

Behind the oven, we often have customers requesting something special or different in the tile installation.  Our customer liked the idea of letting the onyx stand alone.

In spaces where there is no cabinetry, with stone tile installation you can get away without having manufactured bullnose pieces since the stone coloring permeates the natural stone.  With ceramic tile, this would be a different tile installation story.

All said and done, a kitchen backsplash tile installation can really make one kitchen stand apart from another and gives the homeowner a chance to add that personal touch of preference and tile installation design that can enhance a kitchen for the tile installation customer for the foreseeable future.

Here we have a custom tile installation of a wedi shower pan, ceramic tile floor, and glazed ceramic with a brick pattern on the wall and curb.  There were no bullnose pieces for this particular tile, so our tile customer opted to purchase schluter pieces for the edgework of the tile on the shower curb installation as well as the edges of the wall tile installation.  Choosing a light colored grout for the grout installation was a good way to tie in the light colored floor.  I would not have thought to pick out a brown tile such as this to install in my own bathroom, but it turned out a lot better looking than I envisioned.  I love seeing what our customers come up with for tile installation projects because it gives me all kinds of ideas for what I can recommend for tile installation projects in the future or pictures that I can send customers who are looking for tile designs that would work for them.                       

Tile Installation for this Master Bathroom custom shower tile installation involved wedi products for the underlayment and custom wedi shower pan.  We are certified Wedi installers.

This custom stone tile installation also includes two custom tile shower benches, two custom laminated stone corner shelves, a tile eye-line installation with pencil trim, as well as multiple tile patterns for the lower and upper shower tile surround.

This shower is in its pre-sealer condition.  The wedi shower system makes this shower waterproof, but the sealer and enhancer that were to be added protect the surface of the tile from being stained and enhance the color of the natural stone (turning it to more of a golden than tan).

We are certified in the DryTreat Sealer system which is a lifetime sealer system instead of an annual topical sealing system.

You can view this full master bathroom tile remodel which includes the bathroom tile floor as well as a tile tub deck surround on youtube with this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1pGjrwPJ7Y


Custom tile installation for a guest bathroom remodel. This tile installation included ceramic tile installation for the bathroom floor as well as the bathroom tile shower.

This tile installation was fun because it included two design lines or eyelines as we like to call them.  We see a lot of showers with just one eyeline, but have only got a handful of customers requesting multiple tile eyeline installations for their tub surrounds or showers.

Our customers had a hard time deciding which way they wanted the decorative mosaic tile pointing on this installation, so they decided on BOTH directions… pointing up on the bottom and pointing down on the top.

We enjoy giving quality custom tile installations to our customers and are as custom as they come.

Our custom tile installation included a custom soap niche that we framed with ceramic bullnose tiles which are also used to edge the side walls.

I am always glad to see customers put thought and energy into planning their tile bathroom installation.  We bring the skills and expertise needed to make an exceptional bathroom tile installation project. 

We are often asked for our opinion on tile design/ color/ size/ type but when all is said and done, we install tile, grout, and leave.  Our customer gets to enjoy the quality tile installation for years to come, so it is the customer’s opinion that matters most.  

We know what we’ve seen and we know what has worked, but we enjoy putting together custom tile installation with our specific tile customers in mind regardless of what is “customary”.  Feel free to dream big in custom tile installation.


This bathroom remodel for an unfinished basement included tiling over a cement floor as well as the custom tile installation of a ceramic tile shower that included a custom tile bench installation.  Having a nice tile bench to sit on while the hot water just pours over you can be quite a luxury.

Our customer chose a beige ceramic mosaic tile hexagon mat for the main bathroom floor tile as well as for tiling the shower floor.  The hexagon mats with diamond accent dots seems like a really nice touch to add more color dimension to what would otherwise have been a monotone bathroom.

Something to be careful with when choosing a tile floor pattern like this is to make sure that you have a fairly “square” bathroom. With the accent dots being so noticeable, if your walls are not evenly spaced it can make it quite a challenge to “hide” the facts as the dark ceramic accent tile will logically move towards or away from the wall depending on how off square it is.  I have yet to find a perfectly “square” room and it is possible to fake it in to an extent; it’s just something to be aware of when choosing a floor tile pattern for your project.

I get excited when I see tile projects come to an end and bathroom remodels being completed.  I love how the trim, commode, and heating fixtures match each other and how the vanity and dark mosaic tile also tie together.


This is a small bathroom floor tile installation done with carrara marble in a brick pattern.  Base trim was added for the complete effect in this custom tile installation. 

Check out the tile threshold.  Our custom tile installer has different methods of transitioning tile to other surfaces.  He prefers this method of perfectly flat without the need for schluter strips, but that is not always possible to do with thicker tile or shallower threshold transition material.  He is very good about asking customer preference and letting it be known ahead of time what the plan is for the various thresholds.

  In the other picture check out the tile cuts by the tub itself as well as the hole cuts for the toilet and other pipes. Our tile setter has great attention to detail and does his best to make clean and precise tile hole cuts to ensure that everything is covered properly.


A ceramic tile installation of a kitchen backsplash.  This one uses a diamond pattern below the deco line and square-set tile above.  We normally do not install the mosaic tile design line so close to the cabinetry, but the height of the stove made this both our and our customers’ preference.


Versailles pattern floor tile installation with porcelain tile in a large Seattle home. This floor used to have 3 different sections of different types of flooring- carpet and two different types of vinyl. Having different size of tile in a single floor pattern is a simple way to add interest without pulling undue attention away from the other room fixtures.

This porcelain tile installation was set with 24x24, 12x24, and 12x12 tiles. The tile setter had to install tile around the island which added a tricky element to this particular floor tile job.
The same type of porcelain tile was used around the fireplace for a simple cohesive look in this Seattle residence.

Here is a wedi shower complete with a wedi shower bench as well as the custom wedi soap niche framed in with porcelain tile and backed with pebbles from mats.  This master bathroom tile installation was part of a full bathroom remodel.  The customer chose to have tile set on the floor in a diagonal pattern instead of the normal square-set tile to add some more style.  All that is left is to get the shower door installed and a painted accent wall.  Polyurethane grout was used as well as the wedi to ensure lowest possible maintenance needs.  The only left that could have been done is a coat of industrial strength DryTreat sealer to sink into the pebbles to make them hydrophobic.  Other than that, this is one water-tight shower.

Blue mosaic tile for the floor is one that I haven’t often come across, but I like the way it turned out in this mostly white bathroom.  The mosaic tile accent is picked up in a tile wainscoting that goes around the room and a mosaic tile eyeline that was installed in the tile tub surround… not to mention the custom tile soap niche as well.


Travertine floor tile is a timeless classic- plenty of brown and tan variations that never seem to go out of style and that can be combined with many different color palettes. This was large format tile in a running bond pattern across the kitchen, dining room, hallway and entryway.​ Here you see the kitchen flooring area.

And here is a matching travertine countertop with ceramic V-cap edgework to create a nice finished product tying in with that travertine floor tile for the tile kitchen remodel. The edges for the island took a little extra-careful angle grinding, but it all turned out great. When doing any kind of natural stone countertop, we recommend using the Dry-Treat sealer which is a sealer that sinks down into the tile itself instead of just acting as a surface sealer. That way with all the cleaning that inevitably happens to kitchen countertops, the sealer will keep a complete seal and minimize the possibility of stains from grease, oils, and foods.


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