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Wedi Shower Pans come in set sizes that can be custom cut or extended to fit your desired Wedi shower pan size.  As certified Wedi installers, DMJ Services has really upped their game in Renton tile installation.  Wedi is a far superior product as far as water-proofing is concerned compared with the traditional cement shower pans with pan-liner and cement Backerboard;  this tile contractor team highly recommends Wedi product over any other for showers, tub surrounds, steam rooms, decks, and any other wet area where tile is to be installed. 

Wedi also has a better level of sound insulation as compared to traditional Backerboard and can often be used as such in condos.  You can look up Wedi products online, or you can talk to our Wedi suppliers at Contract Furnishings Mart ( for times and locations).  Just let them know that DMJ Services is your tile contractor and they can give you our discount pricing. Or just let us know what you have going on, and we can order up what you need for your Wedi project installation.  Our Renton tile and Wedi installer is now serving these Renton area zip codes 98055, 98056, 98057, 98058, and 98059.  We are happy to serve all your Renton tile installation needs.




Custom Wedi Shower Pans are tile projects we love installing because we know that the tile installation will last with such a durable waterproof material behind it.  The materials for Wedi installation are more up front expense, but the shower pan installation labor is much cheaper than the installation of a traditional cement shower pan, so that cost balances out nicely.  With the longevity, durability, and superior water-proofing of Wedi products, DMJ Services is excited to be a qualified Wedi installation team.  The shower pan is one of the more crucial components of your Renton bathroom tile installation project.  If it fails, you can have serious problems.  Let us install your Wedi shower pan to insure effective installation.  We guarantee our tile work for up to five years and do what we can to meet and exceed ANSI standards.


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