Renton Granite Tile Installation


Several of our granite tile installation projects have been for Countertops and Fireplaces.  Our Renton granite tile installer would be happy to update the look of your kitchen countertops or fireplace.  Pictured here is a granite tile countertop with a ceramic backsplash.  If you look at the front edge of the countertop you will see the end result of our laminated, bullnose, and polish edging option.  As you can see it makes the tile appear to be thicker than it actually is for that granite slab countertop illusion.  Another kind of edgework is called the “self-edge”.  This is a more affordable option as it is a lot less labor intensive.  Simply put, the front edge tiles, get bullnosed and polished while another granite tile is cut into equal width strips and attached underneath the front edge of the tile to hide the supporting plywood and backerboard underlayment.




This is yet another granite countertop with the professional bullnose and polish edging of our Renton granite tile installer with that extra bit of laminated tile for the granite slab effect.  This granite tile countertop has a granite tile backsplash for a simple but effective shield along the wall.  Something fun and unusual about the tile work on this project is that the customer requested we make her a granite tile window frame as well.  While we had not thought of this particular tile installation application, it turned out to be quite the eye-catcher.


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