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This Woodinville Custom Shower Tile Installation has numerous stone components.  All of the polished slate was custom cut to size as specified by the customer (this particular customer had an interesting layout planned for their custom master bathroom tile installation).  
In order to make the tile surface installation as flat as possible, we had to float the slate a little thicker than normal so that the granite inset strip seen just above the faucet head would not stick out.
Next we installed the glass mosaic tile.  Since that product is so much thinner than the other two materials, we had to take our time in prepping that surface as well. 
We take the time necessary to make sure your stone tile projects are as smooth and flat as can be.  This Woodinville tile project was a challenge for numerous reasons, but our customers were satisfied with how it turned out.  For all of our stone projects, we highly recommend DryTreat sealant.  It is a lifetime guaranteed product that protects you stone projects from stains.  It was actually designed to protect bridges from cracking due to moisture getting through and has since been used to protect public buildings from graffiti artists as well!


This is a travertine master bathroom tile installation for our Woodinville customers.  DMJ Services used a brick pattern on the floor and carried it up the wall for the travertine tile wainscoting.  At the top of the travertine wainscoting as well as it used for the eyeline of the custom stone tile shower, our Woodinville customers decided to have mosaic stone tile set off with red glass cubes and enclosed with a stone pencil trim.

You will also notice in this custom stone tile project for Woodinville customers, that we have a custom tile inset soap caddy.  We can make these to any specification within the parameters of the wooden structures behind the walls. 

Whether it’s travertine, slate, granite, or glass any of your stone tile projects can be done beautifully by our custom tile setter.  Serving Woodinville zip codes 98072 and 98077


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